Beet Root - Ytals
Beet Root - Ytals
Beet Root - Ytals

Beet Root


Good Old Natural Remedies

Beetroot vitamin is not only all-natural and non-GMO but it’s also 100% organic! Beetroot have become popular for its many benefits thanks to the fact that beets are nutrient-packed. It's a perfect way to get these nutrients especially for someone who dislike beets. Beetroot is found to be beneficial in fighting inflammation, support blood pressure, promotes mental health and it is rich in nitrates .

Benefits Of BeetRoot?

  • All-natural, Non-GMO and 100% organic!

  • Potentially helps to have better performance thanks to the healthy nitrates. 

  • Helps to fight inflammation.

  • Packed with the Natural antioxidants and Healthy Nitrates.

  • Rich in healthy nitrates

  • Helps fight inflammation

  • Supports healthy blood pressure

  • Promotes brain health

Now, let's talk about what's inside...

Organic Beetroot Powder - 1300mg


It's inside a veggie capsule so you don't have any bad aftertaste. 

Beetroot vitamins can potentially help athletes to have better performance thanks to the healthy nitrates. It can also help people to fight inflammation which has been blamed for many ailments within the body. With Beetroot supplements anyone can take advantage of these amazing benefits. They’re simple and easy to use even for on-the-go and travel.

How To Take It?

Take-Two (2) Capsules Once a day with Food. 

30 Day Supply